Boston Party Bus Pricing - how we keep our rates affordable

You'll find that the pricing for luxurious transportation services can sometimes be an intimidating factor. Boston Party Bus understands this and strives to provide our clientele with the fairest pricing in the entire area. We are able to do this becase we operate on a scale system for pricing. The prices we offer fluctuate depending upon our anticipated costs and expenses for the timeframe you are booking.

In order to save yourself some money, if need be, there are a few things you can do in order to bring your costs down some, and still get the transportation for your event: Although it's not always possible, you can try to keep you event planned for a "low demand day". High demand periods and days drive our costs up due to extra manpower and supplies costs. You'll want to ask our booking agents if your planned date happens to fall on a day that coincides with a high demand period. That way, if it's possible, you can revise your schedule in order to facilitate a lower cost for you.

Regardless, when you do call us for inquiries, you can expedite the process by having a few bits of information handy:

  • The date you'd like to reserve our services
  • How many passengers you'll need accommodation for
  • How much time you'll require our services for
  • The location you'll need to be picked up from initially
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Get started on your affordable party bus or limousine experience below!